Gerhard Markowitsch
Pfarrgasse 6, A-2464 Göttlesbrunn
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Gerhard Markowitsch
Pfarrgasse 6, A-2464 Göttlesbrunn
+43 (0) 21 62 / 82 22



WILD ROSES, which grow on the hillsides and line the vineyards, have given their name to this site. It is situated at an elevation of some 250 metres, and is surrounded by forest. Here we cultivate 4.8 hectares of vineyard, which benefit from the cooler location.

The subsoil of the Rosenberg is composed of sediments from the primordial sea, with clay, limestone and various types of sand, while the surface layer features a thick layer of Danube gravels some 30–40 centimetres thick.

The nature of the soil, of course, changes a bit up and down the slope. In the uppermost portion, the Rosenberg is rather meagre and gravelly. There, we have planted Merlot and Blaufränkisch. Then farther downhill, the soil becomes deeper with more clay, and Zweigelt offers the best results.

We find the finest expression of this site in the interplay of these three varieties – thus our wine ‘Ried Rosenberg’ is always a cuvée, one that is impressive for its remarkable structure and long life span.

Area 15 ha Elevation 220 - 260 m
Grape Varieties Zweigelt, Merlot, Blaufränkisch Exposition South

The Wine

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RIED Rosenberg 2020 1 ÖTW

55% Zweigelt & 30% Merlot & 15% Blaufränkisch More Info

One of Carnuntum’s great classics, a wine that represents its origins in an ideal manner; very tightly structured and concentrated on the palate, deep garnet with an intense aroma of dark berries, cassis, juniper and cloves. Marvellously elegant tannins and an endless finish.

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