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Gerhard Markowitsch
Pfarrgasse 6, A-2464 Göttlesbrunn
+43 (0) 21 62 / 82 22

RIED Kirchweingarten 2019 1 ÖTW


ZWEIGELT This wine is complex and exciting in the glass. Black berries in the nose accompanied by a powerful element of spice, a juicy core of sweet fruit and a satiny structure of tannins

  • site & Soil the markedly greater proportion of clay is perfect for Zweigelt
  • harvest end of September, hand- harvested in multiple passes
  • fermentation spontaneous, open fermentation on the skins at 30°C; part of the clusters were not destemmed in order to increase the intensity of the aromas. After 20 days of maceration, the wine is finished in oak casks.
  • élevage 18 months in 500L casks
  • alcohol 13.6%vol
  • residual sugar 1.0g/l
  • acidity 5.3g/l
  • food pairing grand wine that needsa proper partner; lightweights justwon’t do... This wine needs dark meat,ideally with a powerful and intensesauce, imaginative spicing and not toolittle salt!

93 Points

5 Stars

94 Points


Ried Kirchweingarten is where we grow our most radiant Zweigelt, on about 1.2 hectares. This is a slightly sloping, southwesterly exposed hillside at some 180 metres above sea level, situated directly below the church in Höflein. The soil here has a markedly greater proportion of clay than our other sites. This gives the Zweigelt a particularly robust quality, refreshing acidity, a firm structure and a charming but precise character of expression. mehr Info