Gerhard Markowitsch
Pfarrgasse 6, A-2464 Göttlesbrunn
+43 (0) 21 62 / 82 22
Gerhard Markowitsch
Pfarrgasse 6, A-2464 Göttlesbrunn
+43 (0) 21 62 / 82 22

Crusta 2017


Crusta – from the Latin word meaning skin or shell – at Markowitsch this means an unconventional style of wine with extremely long skin-contact

A wine for advanced students! It surprises the nose with its complex aromaticity and delicate reduction. On the palate very demanding as well, with vibrant acidity and salty tannins. Firm and long, golden-yellow with complex aromatics, plenty of minerality but plenty of earthy character as well.

  • site & soil At 284 metres above sea level, the Schüttenberg is the highest elevation in the Arbesthaler Hügelland (Arbesthal hill country), with slopes that run toward the south and the west. The very warm, south-facing vineyards are naturally planted with red wine varieties. The west-facing portion, though, which is surrounded by woodlands, provides the ideal conditions for white wine. Here there is more of a limestony topsoil, with morning and evening temperatures that are cooler than in the rest of the vineyard.
  • harvest selected by hand at the beginning of October
  • fermentation after destemming, the white wine grapes ferment spontaneously on the skins without sulphur, and are then left for about 6 months on the skins.
  • élevage free-run juice (no pressing and minimal sulphur) spends another12 months maturing, before being bottled without filtration.
  • alcohol 13.2% vol
  • residual sugar 0.9 g/l
  • acidity 6.1 g/l

This wine steps up where conventional white wines take a step back. Fish and crustaceans with intense sauces, strong cheeses or lightly sautéed meats and spicy Asian dishes!

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